Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an attorney for a real estate transaction?

Although an individual can represent himself or herself, if the individual either has, or is getting, a mortgage, an attorney is needed. The transaction is more complex than clients generally recognize and a capable real estate attorney makes the transaction run more smoothly and eliminates problems before they crop up at the closing table.

At what point in a real estate transaction should I consult an attorney?

Clearly, before you sign any documents with the other side in the transaction. Those documents may well be binding and severely limit your flexibility as the transaction progresses. Ideally, you should confer with an attorney before signing anything so that you will have someone exclusively on your side from whom you may seek guidance at any stage of the transaction.

Does everyone need a will?

Every adult should have a will as even those without assets may have a change of fortune before they die. A living will is recommended —  medical directives and appointment of a health care agent to ensure that the individual’s health care wishes are carried out.